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Good Quality Rod Socks!! 6’6″-8′ (actual length 5’8″) rod socks and 8′-9′ (actual length 6’5″) rod socks designed for casting rod guide setups.

Rod socks are a great way to protect your expensive bass, walleye, pike and musky rods. They were created by fishing pros that love fishing and want to spend as much time fishing when they’re on the water as possible. Rod socks has a proprietary unique feature, a snag proof, hook resistant rubber type mouth making loading and unloading your rods quick and easy. Tired of untangling your fishing rods, and the tangled mess inside your rod locker? We have the solution for you, get a rod sock that covers your rod and keeps everything in place so your fishing rod is ready to use when you need it.

Protect Your Rods – Rods can be your most expensive fishing equipment investment. Rod socks will protect your rods from guide damage, chips in carbon fibers, scarring and wear from rod locker tubes.

No More Tangled Rods – Rod socks keep your rods and your fishing lures from getting tangled in your boat, in your truck or in your shop. No more need to loop your line around your rod, potentially causing line damage

Be Ready:

  • Prevent Line Damage
  • Prevent Rod Damage
  • Save Time by Not Untangling Messes
  • Be Organized and Efficient

Rod socks are UV resistant, breathable, mildew resistant and flexible rod covers that use a “push-on” – “push-off” motion that minimizes the guide or hook hang-ups.