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Vexan® Rattlin’ LIL-Super Cisco Crankbait

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The Rattlin LIL-Super CiscoTM Crankbaits are some of the best crankbaits around. The wild action will entice the most finicky trophy freshwater gamefish to strike.. What’s most important about LIL-Super CiscoTM lures is the rattle… LIL-Super CiscoTM lure has a trade secret set of rattles that puts out one of the best high pitch rattle that fish have ever heard! Every angler needs the right tools to catch trophy bass and the LIL-Super CiscoTM series of crankbaits will not let disappoint. Combine the right colors with this bait and you will catch some true trophy fish this year.

Enjoy catching some of your favorite fish on a well built quality lure built by Vexan® Fishing